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FAQ for Students

Q. How do I search for tutors?

Use the search function to filter based on your preference, such as your subject, face to face or online tuition and location.

Q. How do I message a tutor?

Once you have searched for, and found a tutor you like, use the message button to send a message to the tutor. Messages must NOT contain your personal information in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Q. The subject I want isn’t there.

You can send a message to the Admin team at TutorHost to let them know that your chosen subject is not listed. The Admin team will work with you to try to find a tutor that best fit your needs.

Q. How much do I pay for tuition?

This is agreed between you and your tutor. Please check the tutor rates shown on their profile and confirm any changes in agreed rates with your tutor, before paying the finder’s fee for the tutor.

Q. Who do I pay for tutoring?

At TutorHost, tutors and students are free to set their rates and the terms of their agreement; they decide how and when payments will be collected. All tuition payments are made directly to the tutor, and therefore, TutorHost will not charge a mark-up on the rates agreed on with your tutor. As TutorHost is an independent agent and will therefore not be involved in the collection of tutoring fees, it is the responsibility of the tutee to ensure that the terms agreed on with the tutor is in their best interest. Please read our terms and conditions.

Q. Where will I be tutored?

TutorHost allows students to search for tutors based on online or face to face tuition preference. Therefore, please discuss with your tutor the method that is most suitable for you before paying the finder’s fee for your tutor.

Q. I have forgotten my username and/or password.

Password reset instructions can be found on the ‘Student or sign in page’ of TutorHost. Select “forgot my password/username”, then follow the instructions to reset your password.

Q. How do I leave a feedback for a tutor?

Think about the feedback or review that you would like other students to see about the tutor. Your reviews should be based on, for example, the standard of tuition, whether the tutor is dependable and reliable, how the tuition impacted your outcomes e.g. your grade, performance or understanding of the tutored subject. Select the tutor’s profile that you would like to leave a feedback on, then locate the feedback or review button. Select the review button, then pick a star rating for the tutor. You may also leave a short-written review explaining your star rating. Derogatory reviews will not be displayed on TutorHost.

Q. How do I remove my account or set my account to “inactive”?

At TutorHost members are given the option to remove their profile or deactivate it if they are no longer in need of tuition. Please follow the instructions in the ‘status’ setting in your account area, where you will be given the option to remove your account, or change your activity status from active to inactive.

Students Tips

Ask as many questions as possible before deciding on your preferred tutor

Search for a few tutors who are offering the subject/s that you need and carefully read each tutor’s profile. Use the messaging function to find out as much information as possible about each tutor before making the decision to purchase the details of the one you have picked. Ensure you both agree on things such as where tutoring will take place whether online or face to face, the tuition rate and the tutoring platform that the tutor will be using.

Agree to a payment arrangement that is mutually beneficial

As TutorHost’s main aim is to connect students and tutors, payment arrangement will be made between you and your tutor. It is important to make a payment arrangement that is in your best interest such as payment after or before EACH lesson instead of payments for a block of 5 or more lessons: especially in the beginning of the tutoring relationship until trust is built with the tutor.

Be consistent

Tutoring works best and is therefore more effective in filling gaps in learning or achieving the desired outcome if both parties are consistent. If you agree to weekly lessons over a specific time period, ensure you are prepared for your lesson with all the materials such as completed homework as agreed with your tutor, to enable you to maximize progress in each session. Therefore, attend lessons on time and be ready to engage with your tutor.

Set yourself targets for each lesson

Targets are attainable goals that will enable you to stay on track. Communicate these targets to your tutor. Work on meeting or exceeding these targets: this will enable you to get added value from your tuition support.