Data Protection & Privacy

About TutorHost

TutorHost’s main aim is to provide a web-based platform that securely connects tutors and students with each other. We respect your privacy as we maintain a strict policy, and are committed to protecting it in a manner that is directly aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy must be used and read along with the terms and conditions of TutorHost.

The details specified below explains how we comply with GDPR when collecting, storing and using your data that you share with TutorHost.

What data is collected?

We will collect personal data that is important to your contractual agreement with TutorHost and enable the delivery of a high-quality service, which is not limited to the information below.

Students’ details: For registration purposes, students and/or nominee will provide name, address, telephone number, email address, educational level. Bank details may also be stored for the purpose of processing finder’s fee payments for confirmed tutors.

Tutors’ details: When registering as a tutor on The TutorHost website, we will store the data which includes but is not limited to: email address, full name, contact number, address, date of birth, subjects and levels you wish to teach, qualification, DBS status among others.

What information is shared?

Students’: TutorHost will display general information about the students on TutorHost that will be accessible by our database of tutors, which is limited to, first name, general location, tuition subject required. TutorHost will use all measures necessary to securely protect and withhold from sharing all other personal information which include but not limited to: surname, specific location, telephone number, address. These personal details will be shared with confirmed tutors once finder’s fee payment is successfully processed. Students will have the option to share this data with confirmed tutors. No personal information shared with the TutorHost will be shared with 3rd party agencies.

Tutors’: When a tutors’ registration has been verified and confirmed, a profile with general information shared but not limited to; First name of tutor, qualification, general location, feedback and an introductory summary about your suitability as a tutor will be created and published on TutorHost’s website. TutorHost will use all reasonable measures to protect your confidential data shared with TutorHost and protect it from unauthorised access. This data includes but is not limited to tutor surname, age, telephone contact, email address and home address, will not be published on TutorHost’s website. These personal details will be shared with confirmed tutors once student’s finder’s fee payment is successfully processed. Personal addresses are not shared or sold to 3rd parties in the interest of marketing.

The profile of students and tutors may appear in external search engine results pages (such as Google).

Why we collect your data

TutorHost collects the information above to enable us to verify your details. It is a part of our safeguarding policy, to ensure that we make every attempt to detect and prevent fraudulent activities for the welfare of the children who uses TutorHost. Therefore, we collect the information as a part of our contractual obligations with you.

You have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at any time, we are registered with the ICO.

How long do we keep your data?

In compliance with GDPR, TutorHost will keep data only for as long as is necessary.

The data for both tutors and students will be kept on the servers of the TutorHost, based on activity. If a student or tutor is inactive for 8 years, all personal data will be removed. Both tutors and students have the right to request the removal and/or change of their personal information on the TutorHost. If a student or tutor wishes to deactivate their profile and/or withdraw consent to TutorHost’s right to hold their data, their information will be deleted from TutorHost’s servers 30 days after making this request. This is referred to as your right to be forgotten. Your request will be actioned unless we are legally obligated to keep this information.


To help students access as large a pool of tutors of possible, we will use cookies to help to track your usage patterns and record your preferences to enable quick and easy sign on. As cookies are aimed to improving the functionalities of TutorHost, tutors and students will have the option to disable cookies by using the settings in your browser.

External Sites

We link with a number of third party sites in order to enable optimal functionality of TutorHost website. We are not responsible for the information they publish on their website or how they use the data they collect about you.

Contacting TutorHost

For questions and query please contact us using information on the contact us page.