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Mission Statement

TutorHost aims to connect specialist, competent and knowledgeable teachers with students globally. TutorHost was developed by a team of qualified and experienced teachers, who have been in the profession for over 15 years. We understand the challenges students, parents and schools face in sourcing competent teachers and tutors to close gaps in learning and maximise progress in learners, all at an affordable rate.

We also believe in the ethical principle of teachers being paid equitably. To this end, we charge NO COMMISSION to tutors, and students set their flexible schedule with their tutors. We believe learning is borderless and limitless; accordingly, our pool of tutors consist of educators and skilled professionals with a diverse range of experiences equipped to meet the needs of learners. This, we believe, will provide a rewarding experience for both students and tutors.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

  • We believe that private tutoring plays a vital role in embedding long term learning. With the right teacher who is able to teach and motivate a student to strive for long term learning, the student’s potential is limitless.
  • Tutoring has been proven to improve confidence and grades in learners: as gaps in knowledge are closed, students feel more confident in demonstrating their knowledge, both verbally and in writing.
  • If the tutoring experience is consistent, research shows, 90% of students will see an improvement in performance by one or more grade levels over time. It is vital for students and teachers to work towards a specific goal.
  • Whether a student is seeking tuition for a formal examination or in order to build skills in any given area, knowing that support is available from knowledgeable, competent and experienced tutors will boost a student’s confidence, and enable the student to excel.


How our Services Work for Students

At TutorHost, you can search for as many tutors as you like, review the tutors’ profiles and message them through TutorHost, before choosing the tutor that best fits your requirements. Most tutoring agencies select the tutor for you; however, here at TutorHost, we believe that you, the student should be given the option of selecting a tutor that fits your needs, where schedules, tutoring modes (face to face or online) etc. can be discussed and adapted to those needs. Additionally, we provide a bespoke service where our admin team will assist in selecting your tutor; simple send an email to with details of your requirements. We remain in contact with your tutors to ensure tuition meets the standard required by TutorHost.

TutorHost charges you a “finder’s fee” of £20, please enjoy our 50% PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT, which ends on 29 May 2021. Our finder’s fee enables you to fully connect with your tutor, so that learning can begin. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to enable you to assess the suitability of the tutor before deciding to start tuition. When messaging a tutor, before paying the finder’s fee, you will NOT be allowed to send your personal details in a message. Messages that contain your personal details will not be visible to the tutor and are, in fact, a violation of the terms and conditions for using TutorHost. You may be prohibited from using the services of TutorHost if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions.


How our Services Work for Tutors

TutorHost is a commission free website for tutors that aims to connect experienced and specialist teachers with students globally. You will have full autonomy over when, where and how you tutor, including how you collect your payments from students. Other tutoring agencies charge a commission fee or add a mark-up to your tuition rates. Here at TutorHost, you control the tutoring experience, we charge NO COMMISSION and, therefore, you receive 100% of the tuition fee, please refer to our terms and conditions. Teachers register for free in one or more of the hundreds of subjects listed on TutorHost. After registration, as a part of our vetting process, the TutorHost admin team will conduct a verification process. This may take up to 72 hours. You will be notified within this time, if additional information is required to verify your details. To ensure the wellbeing of our clients are maintained, we will remain in contact with you with follow-up checks on the progress of tuition. Additionally, from time to time, we will require evidence of completion of continuous CPD to ensure tuition provided is at the standard required by TutorHost.

A completed and verified profile consists of your picture, subjects, tuition rates, a brief bio and a “verified” badge. Once your profile is displayed, students will be able to view your details and contact you through the message box. Feel free to respond to student’s queries and provide as much information as possible, prior to making the decision to start tuition. It is important to note that no personal details, such as your name, telephone contact, home, social media or website addresses should be sent to students in messages. Tutors who fail to abide by these terms and conditions will be prohibited from using the services of TutorHost. As TutorHost only introduces students and tutors and is, therefore, not your employer, you will be responsible for filling personal income tax to HMRC or other applicable tax authority, based on your country of domicile.

How our Services Work for Schools

TutorHost was developed by a team of qualified educators who are aware of the dynamic nature of the teaching and learning environment in schools. Our tutors undergo a comprehensive vetting system where, on average, 6 out of 10 tutors who apply are selected following an assessment of suitability.

We can support schools in sourcing competent and experienced tutors or teachers for all Core and Ebacc subjects from KS1 to KS5. Our tutors are equipped with the expertise to engage learners with varying needs, enabling learners to meet or exceed progress targets.

To engage with us, send an email to, setting out the specific needs of your institution, and a member of our team will work with you to find the right tutor/s.